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Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Quiz Contest



About Knowledge Bee
‘Knowledge Bee’ is an initiative taken by Brilliant Guide for those students who are interested in quiz. From our past experience, we get to see that there are many students who are either afraid or scared because they do not have a general knowledge. Quiz without general knowledge is not possible. The fact is general knowledge is the most important thing that every student must acquire. Giving quiz examinations not only helps to increase the knowledge but it also helps to gain experience. If a person lacks this knowledge, it is difficult for him/her to crack any Govt. examinations or interviews. Now since we have so many students in our organization, we decided why not just organize a quiz contest? Keeping in mind the financially weaker students, we began this contest for them without any entry fee. After a complete preparation, our plan we executed our plan for the first time in 2017. The organizers back then were Mr. Pushpoul Paul and Mr. Sayan Bid under the supervision of Mr. Tanumoy Choudhury.

Then from 2018, Mr. Arghya Ghosh, a Brilliant Guide Team Member has been organising this under the supervision of Mr. Tanumoy Choudhury.

Why it is named as ‘Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Quiz Contest’?

It is dedicated to Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose, because our president sir, Mr. Tanumoy Choudhury is attached with a research team of Netaji which leads by greate person. Our president sir has dedicated his life to this great leader Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose. Besides this every Indian respect this great leader and that's why we give the name of the Quiz as 'Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Quiz Contest'. It is organize 23rd January of every year to celebrate his Birthday.

Achievement for our ‘Quiz Certificate’

Our Quiz certificate accepted for MAR point of BCA students by MAKAUT (formerly known as WBUT).

About Knowledge Bee

This is first edition for 'Knowledge Bee'.

Open letter to every student

Dear Students,

                 Are you ready for upcoming year? We want you to participate in this Quiz. Do not waste your time! Quickly register and read this book. Every student will get a certificate for attempting quiz contest.

If you read this book thoroughly, you will get sufficient knowledge. Always believe that if you give your 100% efforts, you will succeed. Who knows, you may get the 1st position in our upcoming Quiz contest and your name might shine in the next edition of KB. All the very best for your future!


Brilliant Guide Team Member

Champions of previous year                                                               Organizer


1st   Sutapa Sett

2nd  Arghya Ghosh

3rd  Anand Kumar Sah



1st   Sumit Rajbhar

2nd  Anwesha Ghosh

3rd  Sneha Das Ghosh



1st   Pramit Bhattacharjee

2nd  Payel Barui | Raj Biswas

3rd  Arpita Karati



1st   Sayan Paul | Anwesha Ghosh

2nd  Payel Barui | Tanajit Paul

3rd  Arpita Karati | Raj Biswas



1st   Arpita Das

2nd  Sayan Paul | Tanajit Paul

3rd  Joy Das



1st    Sumanta Kundu

2nd  Raj Dey | Sudipta Das

3rd   Chandan Dutta | Tanajit Paul  | Sayan Nath


1st    Tanajit Paul

2nd  Shreya Paul

3rd   Bandita Kalyan


1st    Srabani Bera | Deepon Paul 

2nd  Bandita Kalyan | Arkadeep Paul

3rd   Tanajit Paul  | Souradeep Dutta

Details of participants of year 2022                                Details of participants of year 2023









Download our Quiz suggestion book 'Knowledge Bee' Link Here

Quiz Contest Link :

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Images of Prize distribution of previous year

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